What is the Philosophy behind a Humanity MTM?

The traditional approach in tailoring considers the 3 typologies of garments as separated lanes according to specific clients profiles and naturally price range.
The bespoke handmade suit, the Made to Measure and Ready to wear garments are indeed the result of independent production lines, planning, pattern making and eventually creation techniques.

The Liverano Humanity Made to Measure challenges this traditional view as it is collocated within the Liverano philosophy of communicating vessels.

The main source of inspiration and origin of our tailoring work is the hand made bespoke workshop. Although substantially distinguished from the machine made garments, the handmade bespoke tailoring guideline and quality control protocols are being implemented in several stages of the production line.

This internal dialogue, between tailors and technicians guarantees a tireless effort seeking the perfect synthesis of both worlds.

Thus, the MTM is naturally not interchangeable with the bespoke HM but complementary allowing a wider range of playfulness and experimentation by the client, interested in broadening his personal wardrobe.

So Why MTM?

Satisfaction – Humanity MTM consists primarily of elaborated patterns inspired by the Florentine Sartorial Tradition developed and created by Antonio Liverano over many decades. The special elegance and perfect fit answer specific client’s choices and personal taste.

Playfulness – Humanity MTM is a playground where your personal ideas and desires can be paired and matched through different patterns and fabrics that catch your eye or ignite your fantasy.

Commitment – Being aware of the engagement level required once committing to a bespoke garment, Humanity Made to Measure keeps a moderate level of commitment while keeping the final result of a true sartorial garment.


The following graphic explains the relationship between Bespoke HM, MTM and RTW according to the Liverano Philosophy.

Antonio Liverano

Satistaction: Immediate

Playfulness: Spontaneous

Commitment: Momentaneous

MTM Humanity
Antonio Liverano

Satistaction: Temperated

Playfulness: Daring

Commitment: Seasonal

HM Bespoke
Liverano & Liverano

Satistaction: Restrained

Playfulness: Contemplated

Commitment: Perennial