Smoking Single Breasted

3 quick facts

1. The dinner jacket was conceived around 1860s as a casual alternative to evening dress for smaller, more relaxed engagements that doesn’t require frocks.

2. The midnight blue dinner suits in mid 1930s was a more fashionable alternative to the black one, simply because it looks blacker than black under artificial light.

3. Nowadays, the black or dark blue barathea dinner suit, it’s the most common choice for overnight formal attire.

The Florentine dinner jacket displays the single slanted dart on the front quarters just as its less formal “cousin”. The back is dartless as it should be and the besom pocket are made of the same fabric of the suit.

In Florence, the dinner suit is often paired with a short low-cut waistcoat made of the same fabric that compliments an equally high rise of the trousers. Less often, the vest is substituted by a silk cummerbund.

Liverano’s dinner jacket is often cut from a wool/ mohair blend barathea and the lapel facings are made of a pure silk grosgrain. The band on the outseam of the trousers is woven expressly for us in pure silk, composed by 2 vertical stripes.

About the Florentine


- 1 middle button covered in the same silk grosgrain of the facing
- Peak lapel
- Unpadded shoulder with rollino
- 4 silk grosgrain covered buttons at the sleeves
- Besom pockets without flaps
- Ventless
- Fine edge stitching
- Lining with 2 upper pockets
- Trousers with 2 pleats
- Plain edge without cuff
- 2 striped silk band on the trousers outseam.

As you like it

- Satin silk facings
- 2x2 Double Breasted configuration
- Shawl collar configuration