Monopetto Sport

3 quick facts

1. The Chesterfield coat was born in London around the middle of the Nineteenth century and the model traveled the decades almost unaltered.

2. Due to its proverbial versatility, the Chesterfield overcoat has becomes a staple and it’s usually the very first commission in a properly built overcoat wardrobe.

3. The basic features are: the notch lapel; two horizontal pockets with braids and flaps; a breast pocket on the left side, optional; a slit on the back; length over the knees.

In Florence a plain blue or gray SB overcoat completed the rank of essentials that every gentleman should own. The fabric for such a commission, should be robust and owning a good weight so that il could last as many winters as possible.

The cut among local tailors was quite full so that the overcoat accommodates the layers beneath. On thicker fabric a machine made swelled edges adorned the contours on the garment donating it a pleasant sporty attitude.

Not unlike other L&L designs, our Arno is the result of an hibridations between the Florentine tailoring heritage and the strong stylistic vision of Antonio Liverano.

About the Florentine


- 3 buttons stance
- Notch lapel
- Unpadded shoulder with rollino
- Half turn-up cuffs with working button
- Patch pockets with flaps
- Central back vent
- Hand stitched swelled edges
- Lining with 1 upper pocket

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