A4 Single Breasted

3 quick facts

1. The modern lounge jacket is the evolution of the tail coats used till the mid part of 18th century.

2. From the 1920s, the lounge jacket went ( almost) unharment through decades of fashions and costumes revolutions.

3. Nowadays, it continues to be the most common uniform for business (and leisure too).

The “Florentine cut” is probably a compound of influences entered in town along with the city’s extensive British community made of tourists and residents.

These new guidelines from Albion , needed just minor tweaks to accomplishedly dress Florentines gentlemen, without the northern austerity or the southern redundancy. It seems that the new style spreads in town quickly somewhere around the first two decades of the XX century, developing its own identity and local distinctive traits.

Nowadays, the last to carry this century old legacy, is Mr. Antonio Liverano. In more than 70 years of career, he isolated few elements of the Florentine cut blending it with his own distinguished sense of style and chromatism.

About the Florentine


- 3 rolled 2 buttons configuration
- Notch lapel
- Unpadded shoulder with rollino
- 4 buttons at the sleeves
- Besom pockets without flaps
- 2 side vents
- Fine edge stitching
- Lining with 2 upper pockets and only one lower on the left

As you like it

- Lining with 2 upper pockets and only one lower on the left
- Without side vents ( only for suits fabrics of an higher rank of formality)
- Besom pockets with flaps ( suits and Sport jackets)
- Ticket pocket with flaps ( suits and Sport jackets)
- 3 patch pockets ( sport suits and sport jackets. On the DB is possible only with the 4x2 buttoning configuration)
- 2 patch pockets on the sides and welt breast pocket
- 2 pick-stitched pockets on the sides and welt breast pocket ( only with half lined or unlined jacket. “Unlined jacket” in our vocabulary means “ half lined jacket + unlined sleeves)
- Half lined body ( with lined sleeve)
- Unlined sleeves ( according to the materials used)
- Swelled edges ( sport jackets and cotton/linen suit)