The fabric

The extensiveness of the Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric sample collection is truly unique: every season, alongside the perennial proposals, namely those linked to the world of men’s classic apparel, finds place a seasonal offer where R&D on new materials and processes along with a more oriented approach to seasonal trends reign supreme. In this balance between tradition and innovation, tailoring and modernity, lies the strength of a company with over four centuries of history. This is where the demands of the clothing industries and those of the artisan tailor meet. Sartoria Antonio Liverano, coming from this second area, finds itself working more frequently with fabrics obtained from 21 micron wool in all the innumerable variations of weights, patterns and textures. This is our daily bread. “Healthy fabrics!” to quote the words of the creative director of the Biella-based company Francesco Barberis Canonico.

The choice of a fabric revolves around 3 variables: weave, weight, occasion of ​​use.

The first, more than the second, directly influences the characteristics and temperament of a fabric. A plain weave, with the same weight as a twill, will be more and more open and breathable: this quality makes it one of the favorite weaves for men’s summer garments: fresh wool, tropical, hopsack are all plain weave fabrics. In addition to giving it excellent breathability, the large amount of interstices deriving from such a weave, makes it matter in texture than a serge of equal range.

For this reason, the twill category is the most used for business and formal garments: the increased density of the weave, in addition to a lower permeability to air, enhances their brightness, especially in fabrics obtained from combed yarns.

In general, it can therefore be said that the higher the level of formality required of a dress, the greater the sheen of its surface. Obviously there are some exceptions but following what has just been said it can be deduced that, in a nutshell, only 2 tools should be the tools to guide the elegant man in the choice of fabrics and shapes appropriate to a specific area of ​​use.

A clock to orient yourself in the hours of the day and therefore align your choices with the presence or absence of sunlight. A calendar that allows us to easily identify the weights suitable for the season and allows us to discern the weekday from the holiday, the sportsman from the ceremony.

Using the filters above and helped by one of our experts, it’s possible to distill the necessary from the superfluous, freeing ourselves from the doubts that a choice so rich in alternatives can sometimes generate.